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Since 1989, the ultimate goal of our hoof health businesses is to SAVE COWS®. We believe the key to superior dairy products is healthy cows. An optimal environment, high-quality feeds and a lameness prevention plan are essential for cows to maintain productivity and stay in the herd as long as possible.

We serve the hoof health industry . . .

. . . by offering innovative hoof trimming equipment – Comfort Chutes, designed and field tested by Karl Burgi.

. . . in fabricating and assembling Comfort Chutes at our manufacturing facility, Synergy Metalworks LLC., assuring quality and consistency.

. . . by educating trimmers, veterinarians, herd managers and dairy consultants on the aspects of hoof trimming and lameness prevention at Dairyland Hoof Care Institute, Inc.

. . . through networking with the dairy leaders and conducting research collaborating with other dairy professionals in the world via Sure Step Consulting International LLC.

. . . in partnering with other dairy enthusiasts that share our passion to SAVE COWS®.

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Synergy Metalworks manufacturer of Comfort Chutes
Save Cows Team- Karl Burgi, Melanie Burgi and Landis Brozak